About Us

Mission & Vision

To provide quality education through promotion of productive pedagogical discourse by a core of qualified, dedicated and accountable educators.

To provide quality education to learners, in order to uplift and empower them to play a meaningful role in society.

Our History

Rhodes technical college was founded by a group dedicatedteachers who graduated with BED (Hons) and Masters in education, majoring in curriculum and Sciences at the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg). On the basis of their research and how effective teaching can have a significant impact on empowering learners in terms of accessing knowledge (Epistemological access). Rhodes technical college was therefore established with clear vision of implementing productive pedagogical discourse so as to improve the quality of learning and teaching in the education practice as a whole.

I have firm conviction that you will not only share but rejoice the intellectual experience in the experiential learning of your ward throughout the academic session. The college holds the highest idea of Education, Discipline, Morality, Self Pride, karma, Spiritualism and creativity and this is realized through day to day transaction of the school curriculum and the learning experiences created by the teachers at Rhodes Technical College.